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Ode to the Wedding Post

Ok, I think it is time I started making some posts about my wedding planning. I am learning about myself as I plan this event (which I am not planning alone...Daniel is right there with me!) One thing I learned is that I am not much of a girly girl and I like things simple. I will start by saying - to each her (or his) own when it comes to weddings. I will never impose my ideas on other people - but I think we have done a few things right in order to throw one great party without spending a small life savings.

#1 - the engagement ring - bought from Etsy. I am an art teacher, I wash my hands 2000 times a day, get them dirty, soapy, etc...and this ring is perfect. It's like a "lifestyle ring" :)

it looks like the tension setting in this picture, but has a pink sapphire....I highly recommend Robandlean on Etsy!!

Some other "indie" ideas:

Our DJ - NO MACARENA Check them out!

I love the dress I bought (under 300 bucks at Lilly Pulitzer) but wanted a crinoline to wear underneath, to make it special -- the dress itself if lovely, and I LOVE the fabric - which is why I bought it...but this dress is one that can be worn again - I am not into the one time only dress...) So, I put my sewing skills to good use:

this is me sewing the bottom of the crinoline...I had a great time working on it!

here is the dress fabric:

and the slip:

I took this before I added the navy blue ribbon I bought at MOOD in NYC.

FLOWERS - Go Local! Lilies and Lavender - "Lilies and lavender is a small, owner operated, cut flower farm located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania." I met Kate, the owner at the New Hope Farmer's market this summer...where I fell in love with her gorgeous flowers...and I mean gorgeous! Her name says it all -- Lillies! We are having all white lillies and some sunburst lilies - I feel lucky to have found her!

Cake! - we are going for the cup cakes from Jamie Hollander, another local company - for many reasons...they are $2.00 cheaper PER SERVING! Plus, you can have multiple flavors and colors!

One of my favorite parts of the whole day will be our celebrant Lois Heckman - Lois creates a personal celebration for your wedding day -- check her out!

Also, we registered with Little Flower Designs - for custom made pottery - we met Linda, the owner of Little Flower at the Indie Craft Fair in Philadelphia - and immediate knew we loved her work!
Another great suggestion I have for people planning a wedding is the registry WISHPOT - you can register on multiple sites through Wishpot - even local merchants and artists, Etsy, Buy Olympia. ...(Buy Olympia is not "local" to the Philly Area, but excellent!