catching up

I am sure throughout the billions and billions of blog posts out there...there are at least a million entitled "catching up". I remember as a kid, so many of my diary entries started, "Dear Diary, it has been so long since I wrote in you..." I wrote to the diary as a person. I always felt awkward about it too - like I should just be writing more to myself, and less to a book - or in fact, should I have named the diary...personified it and made it like another person....

"Dear Brenda, it has been so long since I talked at you, please don't be mad at me. I have been going to bed early and have just not had the time between talking for hours on the phone and birthday parties at McDonald's....life is good. You know, Brenda, you are a good friend in some ways, you never interrupt you are always here when I want to talk....But....Brenda, I have been thinking...in many other ways, this friendship is really going nowhere. You never offer me advice, and you never tell me anything about you. Are you ashamed of me? Ashamed to let me into your life? Tell me Brenda, why is it always me who divulges my innermost secrets - and you just sit there, drinking it all in.... Why must I always initiate things with you....Brenda, it is growing tiresome. I am sorry, but this has to stop...I need some time apart. Goodbye"

Then another 3 months would pass before I picked Brenda up again.....That is why I never named my diary. It had to remain just "Diary" - an object on which to scribe the news of which boy I liked, which friends made me "crack up" or who WAS a "crack up" - both noun and verb.... (a phrase I used often as an 11 year old) and why today was either the BEST or WORST day of my life.
And with that....Dear Blog - it has been quite some time since I wrote in you. Please don't be mad at me, I have been busy.
Love, MaryJo