Random Sewing Projects

I have this list of random sewing projects that I need to do....today I crossed two off the list.
First - a case for my iphone. I can't find one that isn't leather or ugly or some bondage looking sleeve that has a flip top so I can "expose the screen". No thanks, I am not into accessorizing like that. I even bought a plastic cover for the back, and it hurt my ear. Bad design, it landed right over the cartilage part of the ear...ouch. So, I prefer the invisi-sheild (weird space age material that won't scratch - supposedly the military uses it on helicopter blades - I don't know about that, but it is pretty strong) and my grey wool felt and embroidery sleeve.
The inside is lined with this funky velour type fabric, which I wouldn't use if I was making one for anyone else because it is sort of fuzzy and makes the phone a bit linty when it is slipped out of the sleeve. But I still love it. The embroidery started out inspired by my living room rug and the crystal trees in the front yard - covered in ice for days.
Then it turned into something that makes me think of neurons. Anyway, here it is:

to see more pics of the iphone sleeve, visit my flickr site

Then I was on a roll..so I finally, after a long time needing to do it, I made an elastic bracelet for my pin cushion. I have had this pin cushion since I was about 10...or old enough to have pins of my own. Some of the pins are from way back when. I never use them because they are the straight kind without balls on the end, but the stay there stuck in my favorite pin cushion. I used to have a thing for snoopy...
Sometimes the pins poke through the back, so that will be something I have to look out for, but wearing the pin cushion on your wrist when working on clothing is so helpful -- it makes everything easier. 


Making things together

Nothing beats working in a studio. There is one thing that they do not teach you in art school, how to work without seven other people around drilling, hammering, talking, playing music, fighting, laughing....creating things with you. This is the reason I continue to go back to school - my last group, the class of Feb '05 from Vermont College of Fine Arts, remains in touch, through the magic of the internet -we even collaborated on an online exhibition with the theme of connections.
And, this is the reason I love my job - each day my students are creating art together which makes me happy.


Team Etsy - Philly

The nice people on etsy team philly added my soaring owl pillow to a treasury!


please check it out.