Random Sewing Projects

I have this list of random sewing projects that I need to do....today I crossed two off the list.
First - a case for my iphone. I can't find one that isn't leather or ugly or some bondage looking sleeve that has a flip top so I can "expose the screen". No thanks, I am not into accessorizing like that. I even bought a plastic cover for the back, and it hurt my ear. Bad design, it landed right over the cartilage part of the ear...ouch. So, I prefer the invisi-sheild (weird space age material that won't scratch - supposedly the military uses it on helicopter blades - I don't know about that, but it is pretty strong) and my grey wool felt and embroidery sleeve.
The inside is lined with this funky velour type fabric, which I wouldn't use if I was making one for anyone else because it is sort of fuzzy and makes the phone a bit linty when it is slipped out of the sleeve. But I still love it. The embroidery started out inspired by my living room rug and the crystal trees in the front yard - covered in ice for days.
Then it turned into something that makes me think of neurons. Anyway, here it is:

to see more pics of the iphone sleeve, visit my flickr site

Then I was on a roll..so I finally, after a long time needing to do it, I made an elastic bracelet for my pin cushion. I have had this pin cushion since I was about 10...or old enough to have pins of my own. Some of the pins are from way back when. I never use them because they are the straight kind without balls on the end, but the stay there stuck in my favorite pin cushion. I used to have a thing for snoopy...
Sometimes the pins poke through the back, so that will be something I have to look out for, but wearing the pin cushion on your wrist when working on clothing is so helpful -- it makes everything easier. 

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Lemon Drops said...

Hi! I'm from the Philly Etsy team and just in case you didn't see the post on google groups, I used one of your items in the Philly Etsy New Years Resolution guide on my blog, www.lemondrops2.blogspot.com.

Happy new years, hope to meet you at one of our meeting!