unknown illness

Well, finally I am feeling better. I stayed in my house for 4.5 days - two of the days I had a fever (at one point my fingertips went numb?) and only left once to go to the doctor. Was it the flu? I will never know, part of me hopes it was so that I can sail through the rest of the winter and hopefully not get sick again. All a week or so after I started a 7 supplement regime to keep the flu away....no such luck. But I am not giving up on the supplements - although I caved into the sweet, sweet relief of Tylenol Cold the past few days, I will not give up on you, oh natural healing. I won't, I promise. In the midst of all this H1N1 - swine flu madness, no one will commit to a diagnosis. Non committal doctors, gotta say, I was pretty surprised he was so "well, maybe, maybe not" with me.

Today when I finally left the house showered and able to look people in the eye again - since before I was so afraid people might avoid me since I looked so terribly sick - I couldn't believe the weather. It felt like spring. Not November. And so, I appreciated the day, and I once again appreciate what it feels like to breathe without wheezing, sneezing or coughing.