why not?

I think I spend too much time thinking about why not to make things I think about making...or why not to pursue some crazy idea and why that idea will not amount to anything. Like this skirt for instance....if I make it, who will wear it? I certainly won't, it isn't something I would wear, but I really want to make it. I think it is amazing and beautiful and I love circle skirts, they aren't really made for someone with my body type though. But there is someone who it will look awesome on, that that is the reason to make it.
Speaking of this sort of thing, I made altered this skirt some time ago:

It is a two panel skirt that I got to wear to a wedding a long time ago -- it didn't look that great then, but I still loved it because of it's silver fabric...anyway, I held onto it for a while then decided to applique this 60's satin fabric to the surface.
I love it and need to sell it or give it away to someone who will wear it.

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