page 26.

books. I can't seem to have enough of them...some unread, some littered with bookmarks and pageholders for places I have been or want to return. Sometimes I just walk into the room where most of my books live and stare at the shelves in wonder. Topics that span the gamut staring back at me. I have never been one to choose one thing to do and stick with it, and my book collection is a great indicator of how my brain works. One Sunday morning I decided to take a moment with each of my books - even if just to open it and put it back on the shelf. Pay some attention to the neglected paper, ink and information taking up space in my house. I started to scan one page of each book - I chose page 26 - some books don't have a page 26 - so in that case it was 16. This number was completely random. After he woke up and I informed him of my latest determined task, Daniel suggested I do the first or last page, but I was already too far gone. 
As the afternoon approached, and I had finished my morning coffee, I stopped scanning - at 79 to be exact. The second shelf of 5 and more in the other room. I will finish, and when I do these pages will become something. 

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